Head of Design

Toby Ecuyer is an internationally recognised product designer and heads the design team for the Grenadier. A trained architect, and former partner and Creative Director at RWD, Toby has designed, custom built and tailored super yachts for clients all over the world with fastidious attention to detail.

He has worked for many years with some of the world’s finest craftsmen, artists, designers and engineers, and brings a fresh approach to automotive design for the purpose-driven Grenadier. His team’s mission is to honour the clear brief set out for the Grenadier by delivering a design that is at once easy to read, honest and captures the timeless appeal of a utilitarian 4x4.

Toby became involved with the Grenadier project after several years of working with Jim Ratcliffe on marine based projects. Prior to joining INEOS Automotive in 2018, he has had key roles at EPR architects and Modus design group and the internationally admired Dick Young yacht architects. In 2004 he joined RWD Design which specialises in super yacht design and became its Creative Director in 2007. The experience of designing world-class yachts has allowed Toby to bring a unique perspective to the design process of the Grenadier which has resulted in a highly practical details packaged into a robust and purposeful 4x4 design.


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